The Mitchiri March (みっちりねこマーチ, Mitchiri Neko Māchi) is an animation starring the Mitchiri cats playing in a marching band. The video was released to Youtube on April 2nd, 2013 and so far has reached over 9.4 million views with around 275,000 likes. It has contributed highly to the current popularity status of the Mitchiri Neko franchise and has been well-received as an extremely cheerful stress relief.


The animation's plot does not consist of much. It features several types of cat in several colours all walking in a line across the screen. Each are holding different instruments and more appear as more instruments are heard in-song. They are all marching (as the title implies) to the beat and continue to do so throughout the entire song.

Eventually, the single line turns into three rows, and each column has three cats of the same color playing the same instruments; however, at least one cat in each column will be doing something out of the ordinary. This ranges from different uniforms to eating food to possibly having more than one instrument.


The lyrics in the Mitchiri March are very scarce and are only heard in the final section of the animation when two neatly-dressed pink cats side-step across the screen with microphones simply singing "Mitchiri, Mitch-i-ri" several times over.